Summer is approaching which means it’s time for fun in the sand and sun at the beach. To ensure your child’s comfort while playing at the shore, investing in a pair of children’s beach slippers shoes is essential. Here are some tips for finding the perfect beach sandals for kids.

Sandals & Slippers

Consider The Age And Size

First decide if you need toddler, kids or preteen beach shoes based on your child’s age and foot size. Toddler styles will generally fit ages 2 to 5 while kids’ sizes are for ages 5 to 12. Check manufacturers’ size charts to determine which range is best. Measure your child’s foot length and width in both standing and sitting positions to get the most accurate shoe size.

Choose A Secure Fit

Childrens beach slippers shoes should fit very snugly to provide enough support while playing and running on unstable surfaces like sand, rocks and wet ground. Look for adjustable closures like buckles that can be tightened to achieve a perfect fit. Velcro straps tend to loosen more easily so buckles are often more secure. However, very young children may prefer velcro.

Consider Flexibility And Traction

Kids move quickly and change directions often at the beach which requires flexible and grippy soles. Rubber and spandex uppers provide the most flexibility and comfort while textured rubber outsoles offer superior traction on wet surfaces. Check that any rubber soles have ample tread patterns to prevent slips. Also look for materials that dry quickly if shoes get wet from waves.

Get A Sturdy Construction

The harsh beach environment demands durable children’s beach slippers shoes that can withstand tossing in a bag, getting covered in sand, and occasional submersion in salt water. Check stitching for strength and durability. Heavier-weight materials and double-stitching indicate a sturdier build able to withstand the rigors of beach play. Molded EVA outsoles tend to last longer than traditional rubber.

Consider Open VS. Closed Toes

Decide if you prefer open-toe or closed-toe children’s beach slippers based on your child’s needs and the type of beach activities they enjoy. Open-toe styles allow toes to breathe and stay cooler plus make it easier to sense uneven surfaces and grip the sand. However, open toes provide less coverage and protection from potential hazards like seaborne debris and sea creatures. Closed-toe options offer more protection but tend to trap heat and sand.

Choose A Non-Skid Outsole

Non-skid outsoles are essential for children’s beach slippers shoes to provide traction on unstable, slippery surfaces. Textures rubber outsoles with deep tread patterns and plenty of multi-directional grooves offer the most grip. The stickier the compound, the better the traction. Watch for outsoles labeled as non-marking to avoid leaving black tread residue on floors when entering indoor spaces after the beach.

Look For Sand Release

Many children’s beach slippers feature special sand-release channels, grooves and other textured elements designed to let trapped sand easily fall out when walking or shaking feet. Shoes with open mesh uppers and breathable materials also allow sand to escape more readily. The faster sand evacuates, the quicker shoes will dry and the less your child will complain about clumps in their toes.

Browse Multiple Styles

Children’s beach slippers shoes come in everything from basic flip-flops to sport sandals to water shoes. Consider what types of activities your child enjoys most at the beach when choosing a style. Flip-flops work well for casual strolling on packed wet sand while sport sandals with closed toe boxes provide more coverage and support for activities involving running and jumping. Water shoes offer the most protection from hazards, plus buoyancy.

Check User Reviews

Read online reviews from other parents to see what real users like and don’t like about various options for children’s beach slippers shoes. Look for brands and specific styles receiving the most positive feedback regarding comfort, fit, durability, traction and performance in beach environments. Negative reviews can also help you avoid styles with flaws.