From toddler slippers to tween sandals, the right outdoor beach shoes protect developing feet from hazards while keeping kids comfortable.

Heading to the beach or pool with kids requires a must-have item: comfy and protective beach slippers. From toddler sizes to big kids, here are the best childrens outdoor beach slippers shoes to keep little feet safe, secure and supported for splashing, running and playtime.

Sandals & Slippers

Best Beach Slippers For Toddlers

For toddlers just starting to walk:

• Enclosed back slippers – Provide extra stability and security as little ones learn to walk on sandy and slippery surfaces.
• Seamless knit slippers – Offer a supersoft fit that’s less likely to rub or irritate sensitive toddler skin.
• Non-slip soles – Help toddlers grip wet and slippery pool and beach surfaces for improved traction.
• Easy hook-and-loop closures – Provide an easy on-and-off experience without the hassle of laces or buckles.
• Bright designs – Colorful patterns and graphics keep beach slippers interesting for little ones with short attention spans.

Beach Shoes For Preschoolers

• Open-toed slip-on style – Provide breathability and comfort without the hassle of tying for independent kids.
• EVA soles – Made of lightweight, flexible foam that bends and grips wet surfaces while cushioning young feet.
• Wide rubber toe grips – Help preschoolers navigate sandy, wet and uneven terrain with more confidence.
• Waterproof uppers – Made with water-resistant synthetics like nylon that dry quickly and resist odors.
• Secure back straps – Provide a snug, stay-put fit without restricting growth.

Slippers For School-Aged Kids

• Lightweight sport sandals – Offer comfort, flexibility and drainage for active days at the beach or pool.
• Mesh linings – Increase breathability to wick away moisture and prevent overheating and odors.
• Adjustable heel straps – Accommodate a range of foot sizes and widths as kids grow.
• Extra cushions – Additional padded insoles and heel cups provide impact protection and comfort for hard-playing feet.
• Quick-drying rubber soles – Allow sand to fall away easily and dry rapidly, minimizing what tracks inside.

Durable Beach Shoes For Tweens

For kids in late elementary and middles school:

• Woven plastic uppers – Durable, breathable and easy to rinse clean after beach days.
• Velcro closures (versus laces) – Provide a more independent, easy-on experience.
• Light hiker-style sandals – Offer ankle support and coverage for reliable traction.
• Orthotic insoles – Add extra arch support and cushioning to accommodate active lifestyles.
• Style choices – Tweens can pick from a range of sporty colors and graphics they love.