Trends change and so do the rules of aesthetics, every day in this market is different from the day before because no one can predict what style of clothes or shoes will go viral the next day for what reason. But there are some things for which the demand is stable and that is basics. No matter what the current trends are, basic shoes and clothes will never be kicked out of their time. This includes canvas shoes.

Please take a look at this pair of stripe flat women casual espadrilles flax canvas shoes! These shoes beat all the fashions and trends this summer and reached very impressive sales.

Appearance and style

Looking at this pair of stripe flat women casual espadrilles flax canvas  shoes, what brand would come to mind? Muji? Yes, this is such a simple, comfortable, unadorned, yet personalised pair of shoes. It has a black and white pinstripe pattern around the perimeter, and the sole and toe are designed to look like straw, exuding a sense of comfort and relaxation from the inside out.

This summer in the popularity of a wave of “dopamine style wear”, which represents the bright colours, exaggerated design, through a strong visual impact uniformly welcome people’s happy senses, coupled with the release of the film “Barbie”, the fluorescent colours touted by the people also hot fire for a while. This pair of shoes goes against the current and gets another group of people’s favourite with its simple design.

Clothes and shoes in today’s era have long ceased to be fabrics to cover and protect the body, but an expression of aesthetics and a symbol of identity. There will always exist in this world people who do not pursue trends, but quietly guard their inner world of peace, like such shoes, buy such shoes,this pair of stripe flat women casual espadrilles flax canvas  shoes.


Material and comfort

In sync with mankind’s eternal quest for beauty is mankind’s quest for comfort, and the success of this shoe is by no means limited to its appearance, but also to the fact that it is very comfortable. This is a pair of stripe flat women casual espadrilles flax canvas  shoes with a not too soft and not too hard sole, and an upper that fits the shape of the foot. Compared to many of today’s “fashionable” shoes that sacrifice comfort for attention, this shoe is a timeless winner.

Women have increasingly begun to grow weary of walking inconvenient high heels and the like in favour of such stripe flat women casual espadrilles flax canvas  shoes, just like in the film Barbie, where the protagonist eventually chooses to become a human being who lands on the soles of her feet, rather than a toy who lands on her toes.


Size and MOQ:

The size range we offer for these tripe flat women casual espadrilles flax canvas  shoes  is EUR 35-40,which cover most ladies.

Because this pair of shoes is very lightweight, the minimum order quantity we require is 500 pairs. You don’t have to worry about this, they will sell themselves.

We accept payment of TT/LC.


Our guarantee of quality and clients gratification

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