Vans Similar Styles Canvas Board Shoes

Vans authentic and skate shoe styles have become iconic for their casual yet sporty aesthetics. But Vans prices can be quite high, especially for their most popular silhouettes. Luckily, there are several canvas sneaker brands that offer similar Vans-inspired styles (Vans Similar Styles Canvas Board Shoes) at more affordable price points. Here are some top Vans alternatives with comparable looks for less money.

Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars

Chuck Taylors from Converse are perhaps the closest lookalikes to Vans authentic and old skool styles. They feature a classic canvas upper with contrast stitching and rubber toe cap. The slim profile and lace-up design resemble many Vans models, and Chuck Taylors come in a wide range of colors like black, white, navy and red. Converse focuses more on comfort with a padded collar and cushioned insole, making their sneakers slightly more versatile. Overall, Converse provides a Vans-like silhouette in a canvas sneaker that’s lighter on your wallet.

Keds Champion Originals

Keds Champion sneakers offer a close facsimile of Vans era and old skool styles for women. They have durable canvas uppers with elastic side panels for an easy, comfortable fit. Similar to many Vans silhouettes, Keds Champions feature white rubber outsoles, lace-up closures and classic branding on the sides and heels. But Keds prices are significantly lower, especially when you find sales. Keds Champions also provide more arch support with lightly padded insoles and collars. While the looks are comparable, Keds sneakers offer better value and slightly more comfort features.

Adidas Superstar

Adidas Superstars have a similar overall profile to popular Vans skate shoe models. They feature a low-top canvas upper with leather heel patches and lace closures. Adidas Superstars also share design elements like contrast stripes, rubber toe caps, side branding and a simple color blocking aesthetic. While Superstars have more heel padding and cushioning, the designs have an analogous sporty yet retro vibe. Adidas offers a much wider range of color combinations and materials as well, expanding customization options for those seeking a Vans alternative.

Puma Carley

Puma’s Carley sneakers for women bear a striking resemblance to Vans authentics and Old Skool shoes. They have slim profile canvas uppers, lace closures, clean white stitching and tonal rubber outsoles. Carley sneakers even feature Puma’s signature heel branding in a similar location as Vans side logos. Though they lack elastic side panels, Carley sneakers provide comparable stylish yet sporty aesthetics at a more budget-friendly price. Puma also offers Carley sneakers in a broader selection of colors to match Vans’ wide range of hues.